02 August 2005

Missing Person....

I actually know Elli, though I haven't seen her in years. I met her through LETS; she was one of the founding members I think (or at least an early adopter). She is definitely a "free spirit" so perhaps she is just on a walkabout. In case anyone wants details:
Help Needed in Search for Missing Person - Humanitarian Elli Boisvert.

This is the second Victoria-area person I've known who went missing. The first was Norman Crumrine, whom I tutored in highschool. His body was finally found many months after his disappearance.

Feeling a bit creeped out today.


Tim said...

Wow. Norm Crumrine. Blast from the past. I didn't even know he'd ever gone missing.

Anonymous said...

he was a good friend. i had no idea his body was found. this brings closure to what we've been feeling for a long time.

Pam said...

Cheryl, I dated Norman in high school (Mt. Doug) for a few months. I was married when he disappeared, but we had reconnected shortly before that, and set a few things to rights. I was totally shocked with the news of his disappearance, but had no idea til I searched and found your blog that his body was found. I remember that they were going to take the dogs out to search, but then they were needed at a stand-off on Salt Spring, then it snowed and covered tracks. Could you please e-mail me if you get this message? I would like to know more information, if you don't mind. My e-mail is jershermom@yahoo.com.

Pamela said...

Norman was a kind man, and a good friend. !7 years later, I think about him often.

I am a little confused to read what is posted above. I went to his memorial service which was a couple weeks short of 9 months after he went missing, and he had not been found. If you could share any information here (in particular, where and when he was found) that would be great.

Unknown said...

I also knew Norman. He was a good friend and surprised me with a visit two weeks before he disappeared, but I was too busy at the time to see him. He had a bit of a crush on me, but he was always too insecure to ask me out (which is too bad, as I would have said yes). I couldn't make it to his memorial, as I was attending another memorial service on the other side of town that same day, however I remember the wording of Norman's obituary. It stated that they still had not found his remains, so his parents were having the memorial for the sake of closure. To the best of my knowledge his remains have yet to be found. I would like to know if they ever do find his remains, however.

Cheryl DeWolfe said...

You might be right. There was a car found or similar, and there was a memorial. Somewhere I have a clipping but I just can't put my hands to it right now.

rick may said...

Hi Cheryl. Google brought me here. Norman was a great friend, and he played music in my first rock band. I am glad he got to do something brash and cool like that. He rose to the occasion. I called his family during the first months after he went missing, not knowing of the situation. His father let me know, very oddly. Took a few tries to communicate what he meant. At first it sounded like Norm had gone on a hike and just wasn't back yet. Then I asked if I could leave a message, and his father had to specify that Norm's whereabouts were unknown for several months by that point. Very sad.

Mm said...

I was Normans landlady for a length of time. He was still in school and was only about 16 or 17. Though his dad & step mom lived just over a block away, they paid for Norman to live with us. He went "home" for dinner every day though. It used to seem an odd situation to me. I vaguely recall that he had a younger sibling. A sister I think.

I know that his step mother was acting as a substitute or assistant teacher in my daughters grade 3 class sometime after Norman had gone missing. I offered my sympathies for what they must be going through since the first news of his disappearance.

My daughter was about 8 years old at that time.... and as she is now nearing 28 years of age, I'm referring to things that were happening as far back as 2 decades ago.

I have thought about Norman so many times through the years, but had never heard another word about him. Certainly not that his body had been found. Can anyone of you shed some light on the mystery of his disappearance and rediscovery or recover of his body?

I've wondered so very many times what could possibly have happened?

I remember Norman as a rather shy but kind young man struggling to find the right niche for himself in the world. I also worried for him as he had such serious scars from open heart surgery as a child. He seemed to be a bit self conscious of them.

If any of you could fill in some of the blank and gaps for me, I would be ever so greatfull. I have never known anyone to "disappear" as Norman did & would truly appreciate any information about his case. I can be reached at crittercrazydwarf@gmail.com