08 August 2005

Richmond Rumba

Sunday morning we stumbled into the van at 6:30 a.m. and headed for the ferry terminal, bound for a day o' shopping on the Mainland. The ferry seemed to be cruising at a fairly high speed, and a few minutes before we were due at Tsawassen, we found out why: they were going to turn and stop the ferry in order to do a "man overboard" drill. I happened to snap a photo when they were preparing to go -- before the announcement had been made -- we headed for the van anyway, and watched from the car deck as the rescue boat dropped.

drillprep - drill2 - drill4

We swooped into Shaughnessy to gather hubby's family (they'd been vacationing a couple of days) and then circled back to Richmond. We hit the usual places (Aberdeen Mall, Yaohan Centre, and of course IKEA) then bolted for the ferry again ... we got to the terminal at 5:55 and were told we had a "small chance" of making the 7:00, but more likely the 8:00. Grrr.

aberdeen_fountain1 - massey3 - last_vehicle

Turns out we made it on board -- second to last vehicle loaded but the furthest back (the net was right behind us) so we got to watch as they raised the ramp and closed those biiiig bay doors. TRIVIA ALERT: for those of you who watch the current incarnation of Battlestar Galactica, they use BC Ferry vehicle decks as the set for the Viper hangars.

yam_plant - bigfatsquash - young corn

Today was a hang day... I spent a lot of time updating my Unofficial Guide to Victoria (fixed some missing include files and updated the attractions list) and some time out in the garden. Tonight has been spent catching up on episodes of Buffy (almost done Season 1) and Carnivale (final two of Season 2). Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday -- so I'm out with her for lunch and shopping -- then it's back to work on Wednesday.

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