06 August 2005

I know that face...

I realized recently that I have been confusing Joey Slotnick with Paul Giamatti.

Up until Sideways blew outa the water, both actors were working, but buried in small character roles. Both actors are in the "Hey, it's that guy" section of Fametracker [Giamatti; Slotnick]. Both have common first names and distinctive last names; both have similar facial features and hairlines.


This has me thinking... how many other actors am I combining?


Sarcasmo said...

Strangely, I do the same thing with Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman. I confuse their old movies all the time.

For example, I keep picturing Dustin Hoffman as having been in 'Dog Day Afternoon.' It's strange - they're nothing alike...and yet I do this all the time.

Rae said...

I remember watching Towering inferno when I was little and could not tell the difference between Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. I knew one was the Fire Chief and the other wasn't, but couldn't tell them apart otherwise.
Course, these days I know better and it's Mr McQueen who I have a big crush on - still!