19 February 2007

Weirdness in the world around me...

Emotional weirdness. Tonight's episode of Doctor Who (Doomsday) made me cry. That is simply wrong; sci-fi should not make me cry!!

Internet weirdness. Flickr is flaky tonight. From the Flickr blog, "This is no fun. Photo cache flake outs are everywhere. Again we apologize for the downtime. I'll update soon." [This isn't weird, so much as it is annoying, but it's my blog and I make the titles.]

Celebrity weirdness. Britney Spears bald. What-evar.

Weird Al.... and Donny Osmond. I think they would kick ASS in the Whitehouse... don't you?


Tim said...

...sci-fi should not make me cry!!

Why not?

Cheryl said...

I guess to me, scifi is generally the cheeziest of genres; I know that's a wide brush. I should also note that I am only applying that brush to TV scifi -- movies and books regularly make me cry.

Tim said...

I see your point. Shows like Firefly (which, from what I've seen of it, is very low on the cheese factor Sci-Fi show) are the exception that proves the rule. Having said that, pretty much everything on TV these days makes me cry; cry bitter tears at the rapid decline of the popular imagination.