09 February 2007


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Speaking of conspiracies.... I was out taking photos today.... (A lot of photos... I literally walked around Victoria for 5 hours taking photos for the Victoria Grid Project while I waited for the car windshield to be replaced... I took about 450 photos in that timeframe. Astounding really.... but I digress) I took a bunch of photos of the mosaics on the Centennial fountain and when I started to edit them, I realized I knew what the person at the top of this mosaic was holding: the UVic Crest!

The weird thing is, the mosaics were done around the same time UVic opened in the mid 60s.... and I just never noticed this detail. I had a very DaVinci Code moment when I realized it, though; felt just like Tom Hanks.

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arlee said...

now they'll be watchin' you.....:}