03 February 2007

One in, Much out.

This afternoon, hubby dropped me and kiddo at Value Village to poke around. I told kiddo she had $5 to spend. She found this house for $7.99 and really wanted it. I wanted it for her too, so I said I would pay the difference if she sorted her other Barbie toys out and got rid of some of the mismatched stuff and the clothes she no longer wanted.

She agreed, and now not only is this house in her bedroom, but she also made enough space to stow away some of her craft supplies. Yay! Now I have a big box of Barbie and Bratz stuff that I think I will try to sell on Craigslist.

I really like the design of thisnBarbie house, since it folds up to about 4 inches deep, but includes everything from a bed, to a stacking washer/dryer, to a toilet with a seat that lifts up! I can even excuse the product placement in the stickers throughout, because they add a lot of character.

Really though, the best thing about the exercise is impressing on kiddo the "one in, one out" theory -- something I wish I'd learned earlier.


pastilla said...

MeiMei has the same house! (We bought it at Kaybee Toys Outlet for $13.00 US). You didn't say anything about its "magic sounds," though. My particular favorite is the harassing caller who leaves nonsense messages on the answering machine.

Cheryl said...

Aha! That's what the batteries are for. Perhaps I won't replace them (they were not working when we bought it -- here's to hoping they are corroded in place).