12 February 2007

Big Shiny City

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We are in Vancouver for a few days.

Took the 9 am ferry yesterday (nice, not full, foggy, really an ideal ferry ride) then headed for the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre which was kinda cool; definitely aimed at kids though -- even more so than the "Telus World of Science." I got to touch a moon rock (ooooh, ahhhh) which was more exciting to think about than to do. I also risked the "Trip to Mars" simulator ride. I do NOT recommend this if you are prone to motion sickness... it took me about an hour to shake off the wooziness... OTOH, it was kinda cute.

After that we found a nice little Japanese bistro for lunch then checked into our hotel. We're staying in the same chain as usual, but downtown instead of Richmond... so it is a different experience, that's for sure. I have to give the staff here some credit -- they are the most "willing to help" ever; it actually feels American. Our room is on the "executive level" and we have kind of an afterthought of a suite (a hideabed in another room).

Hubby is at a conference for two days so kiddo and I will get to wander and explore. I have promised her SeaBus and SkyTrain but otherwise, our days are pretty much open for random adventures.

Wednesday, all three of us will wander about the city before heading home in the afternoon.

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