09 February 2007

A dose of surreality

Surreal news. How weird is the news of Anna Nicole Smith's death? I found it stranger still that my initial reaction to the death of one of the biggest tabloid trainwrecks of my generation was a twinge of sadness. It passed, but ... still, odd. My brain makes no sense to me sometimes.

Surreal sight. I have to say that the weirdest thing I saw this week was when I settled into the dentist's chair on Tuesday. There on the tray, in a little plastic jewelery box (you know the ones? clear but with a little blue "velvet" covered cardboard platform in the bottom?), was a gold version of one of my teeth. Not the whole tooth (and nothing but the tooth... ::groan::... sorry) but a crown. So now I have a pimped out molar. It's very odd... but it is way at the back of my mouth, so the only time you can see it is when I am laughing like a mad scientist. And then the gold kinda adds to the effect.

Surreal concept conspiracy. Being somewhat insane, I have decided that the recent spate of nuclear annihalation on television (Jerhico, 24, Heroes) is actually due to pressure from Big Oil. Bear with me a moment... here's the thing, people are starting to talk about alternative energy; scientists are starting to remind people that nuclear energy may be our best "bang" for our buck (e.g. takes up less space than windfarms; generates more energy than solar, etc....); Big Oil does not like this concept and is reminding people that nuclear energy means nuclear accidents and death.

Yeah, I am a nutjob.



G. E. (Ted) said...

Wierd! I just had the preliminary work done to get a gold crown on my back molar.

G. E. (Ted) said...

Oh, and re: conspiracy: Isn't Ford a big sponsor of 24?