04 September 2006

Lazy Labour Day....

We did a "test walk" today to kiddo's new school. It took 16 minutes, door to door at her speed, without traffic. So we figure, round it up to 20 minutes and that should be ample. Yay!

I spent a chunk of the day shaving the end off kiddo's pencil crayons to write her name on each one... and writing her name on everything else. At least for kindergarten, the supply list is minimal.

Earlier, kiddo and I puttered in the garden. We planted her lettuce (from the Saanich fair) and I removed the remaining aphid-infested broccoli then dug up the potatoes (about 2 lbs, I'd guess). I also dug up the yams... but too early so all the tubers were undeveloped. Bah.

Tonight, I got sucked into the Unofficial Story of Differen't Strokes. Damn, these things are bad (Unofficial Three's Company, Charlies Angels, etc... if it aired from 76-86, it's fair game), but like everything that's bad for me, I just can't stop consuming!! It's like tabloids that move.

tags: day off, kiddo, gardening, television


Holden West said...

Heh, shaving the ends off pencil crayons--the time honoured tradition. Of course they have to be Laurentian brand for true Canadian Content.

I still have an old set of Laurentians from the 1970s. They had names like "Sarasota Orange" and "Hollywood Cerise" before they Canadianized the names of the colours.

Cheryl said...

indeed, I did purchase Laurentian pencil crayons -- the new sets even have gold and silver!