17 September 2006

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Well, thanks to my writeup on Shatner at the CAEAA awards, hubby and I were approached by Anthony Pascale of TrekMovieReport to do a full article. We collaborated to write it using writely.com and sent it off with video and photos to back it up. We spoke by phone this morning (ah, gotta love VOIP) to clarify some of the discrepancies -- it seems Shatner has been flip-flopping on his involvement in the upcoming Star Trek XI and we caught him mid-flop.

The full article is up now, "Shatner Tired of Talking Trek."

I have to admit, this was fun to do; reminds me I need to do more writing.

tags: William Shatner, freelance writing


Tim said...

That Writely thing's pretty cool, huh? And I, somehow, have completely missed the STXI rumours. Somehow, my hopes aren't high for such a venture, but who knows? I admit there is a possiblity I could be pleasantly surprised -- althugh it seems to approach zero exponentially with each passing year.

Congrats on the writing job, too.

Anthony Pascale said...


the article for TrekMovie.com turned out great and I hope it gets picked up by some others sites like other recent Shatner stuff. Then again maybe the rest of the media are also tired of Shatners flips and flops...but to us Trekkies it is is quite entertaining to watch just to see what strange thing he says next!

thanks again

-Anthony Pascale
Editor, TrekMovie.com