06 September 2006

A Period of Adjustment

So... kiddo's first day of daycare. When I asked the caregiver, "How'd she do today?" I was told, "We had a difficult day." She earned herself three timeouts. One for budging in line (something we have been trying to deal with for a while -- I think in preschool they turned a blind eye to this habit) and the other two for being rude and whiny. She pitched a fit at being asked to try cucumber (something she knowingly eats in tzaziki), she mouthed off at the teacher, and I suspect she put all her drama queen skills to work.


On the plus side, she didn't cry when she fell down the stairs; just got up and kept going.

Let's hope she does better today; tomorrow she gets her first hour of kindergarten.

EDIT: Today, she got one timeout. So far, only she and one other girl have been given timeouts. Hmm. Oh well, at least she was in a better mood today.

tags: kiddo, school.

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