29 September 2006

tick ... tick ... tick...

Today I suspect the clock will tick very slooooowwwwly at work because after 4:00 I am on vacation until October 10th -- WHEEEE!!

I have been coming home so completely exhausted all week, I can barely keep my eyes open. Why? Learning seems to be frying my brain. I am finally learning the "tough" part of my job (eventually, it will just be time consuming more than anything, though, the tough part is learning the concepts) -- "post cataloguing authority maintenance" for subject headings to start. Those of you who work in libraries will recognize that there is a heap of rules I need to learn in addition to basic concepts. To non-library geeks, it boils down to making sure people can find what they are looking for. It means I will be standardizing the subject headings according to Library of Congress. It means sometimes I have to change things like "breast feeding" to "breastfeeding" in 65 records. or "cigarette habit" to "nicotine addiction" in 30 records. But those are easy ones, and not the cause of my melted brain.

At any rate, I feel like there is a neon sign on my forehead flashing FULL every evening, so I am really looking forward to that vacation.

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