23 September 2006

Slow return to normal....

.. whatever normal is.

Kiddo went back to school on Thursday after 10 days of being sick. She's still coughing (she got a cold on top of tonsilitis) but mostly back to her non-stop-talking and creativty.

We went to the service for T. today.... her ashes were interred under a big Douglas Fir tree surrounded by friends and family. Later we attended a reception where the mood was lighter and we had the chance to catch up with people we haven't seen in years... perhaps this will spur us to work a little harder at keeping friendships up... we kinda slid into a black hole a few years ago (combo of parenthood and poverty) and now that we are out it seems it still took something tragic to relocate some of those lost connections.

I am going to focus on some knitting and crafting... there is a larger craft fair held in the University Centre every year where the registration fee goes to the United Way; I usually just throw my stuff on a table for the Libraries craft fair -- but never make any sales, so I think I need to cast a wider net. I need to clear out my stock of crafty goodness, that's for sure. Plus, I ordered a bunch of business cards for all my craft stuff through VistaPrint and they should be here soon... it would be nice to have "official" cards to give away. I'll let you know if I actually get my crap together in time. If I do, I may try for a couple of other craft fairs in town, too.

tags: reflection, kiddo, crafts.

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