07 September 2006

Logo a No-Go in Schools?

For its 35th anniversary, Starbucks is featuring its original logo on cups in Washington and Oregon this month -- the one where the mermaid's breasts are showing -- and apparently several schools are freaking out, telling students they have to cover the logos.

I have a suggestion for these schools: order a stack of CuppaJoe Cozies in your school colours. Keep them in the office along side those school t-shirts you offer to cover offensive t-shirts.

(Pssst! This also applies to students -- get your own personal CuppaJoe Cozy and cover any logo -- then you can flash it to your friends when the principal isn't looking.)

tags: coffee, censorship, nonsense, cuppajoecozy


Z├ęzette said...

For kids who likely spend their leisure time shooting the crap out of people on their computers, breasts are quite the threat. Breasts, which nourish babies and are a symbol of all that is maternal and nurturing. I can see that.

Tim said...

You need to make a special line of tiny little bra-cozies, just for Starbucks™. It's all about the mutal marketing tie-ins these days.

pastilla said...

Oh, YES! I love the idea of bra-cozies. And while you are at it, some breast-cozies for those of us who don't live in breast-friendly Starbucks areas.