25 November 2005

wow, that was a long absence.

Sorry if I kept you all waiting... (as if!) ... but as you know, I've been sick... groggy... tired... and crabby, and not feeling like sharing with the world. Strange, I know.

Anyway... yesterday I started feeling human again, which is good because hubby conjured up a lovely full-out Thanksgiving 2.0 (as you may recall, being in Canada we had Thanksgiving back in October) -- and we even had a spare pumpkin pie in the deep freeze which we thawed for dessert. MmmMmm.

Earlier yesterday I snuck out with my Mother-in-Law to poke around Sally Ann where I found a couple of pairs of pants for the rapidly sprouting kiddo along with a lovely GAP cardigan (again, for her) for only $4.99. I swear it has been worn maybe once. I also found some books for her. When I was a kid, every Christmas there was one book each waiting unwrapped under the tree to keep us amused until our parents had their morning coffee and tea in hand; I have kept that tradition for kiddo. This year, I found a lovely edition of The Real Mother Goose, very gently used, for $1.29. Actually, it was half of that due to the yellow tag... so $0.65. Amazing.

Today, kiddo had a day off school and I had already booked the day as a vacation... so after lunch we headed out into the world. We started with Value Village -- she got a couple of books, including an original Where's Waldo in almost pristine condition for 99 cents -- I got a whole lot of picture frames for Christmas gifts, and a few odd balls of wool (yay!).

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