27 November 2005

Dim Sum on a Sunny Afternoon

I am, finally, back to myself I think.

Last night I was preparing my stash of Cuppa Joe Cozies for the upcoming craft fair at the library (very informal gig...). I've priced them at $3.50-$4.00 -- hopefully that is a selling price, but somehow, I doubt it (my coworkers are underpaid and crafty.... so they get "ideas" from the sale... but knowing this, I am also going to offer the pattern for 25 cents. Ha!).


Today, kiddo went out with her Nana to see the Festival of Trees at the Empress so hubby and I took some time to meander through town.

Our day included Dim Sum at Don Mee's and a leisurely wander through Chinatown, visits with the owners of Solstice Cafe and also Annabelle's Books (all folks we know), and some unhindered window shopping in Curious Comics (they had only one remaining Corpse Bride figure -- more stock promised Wednesday -- and some very cool MacFarlane Wallace & Grommit figs), Snowden's books, and A&B Sound (who had none of the items I went looking for... and my Visa was just a-waiting for a charge! Their loss). Ahhhhhhh.


Look, pretty fishies! [From the tank at Don Mee's]:



Z├ęzette said...

The delightful Soltice and Annabelle's folk were well, I take it?

Cheryl said...

Yes, all were well, though A noted she was living "in interesting times," and D&T were the bearers of some sad news about the passing of a mutual friend's parents... so the visits were bittersweet.