14 November 2005

Another photo, a break, and a survey.

First, here's a better look at that accent wall blending with the new floor and surrounding .. um .. "furnishings" (yes, yes, I have been looking longingly through the IKEA catalog again).


In the forefront you'll see my rocking chair and knitting baskets, along the wall are kiddo's toy bins, our media containment units (the bases are full too) and the glowing telly.


After staying home with a sick kiddo all day I was going a bit squirelly after dinner, so I opted to take back the two unused packages of laminate (too much paperwork for my liking, but saved us $60) and go scout out some coffees for hubby and me.

On my return, I was surfing around online and the phone rang. The call display showed "Synovate" with a 604 area code. Guardedly, I decided to answer. It was, naturally, a market survey. "What the hell," I figured, "I've got opinions."

The questions were about industry in BC. I said the tourism industry should be discouraged, but most everything else (forestry, fish farming, bioindustries, film) could be left as is -- what do I care? I was expecting the next questions to lead into what should be encouraged, or conversely what the government should or shouldn't be doing to encourage or discourage or support various industries. Instead the questions were all about the film industry -- who it supports, who it doesn't support, how important it is, and so on.

Well, I'm not an idiot; I know the film industry is pouring buckets full of cash into the economy. Unfortunately, I think that while they may compensate a particular resident or business owner for any inconvenience, they don't tend to think beyond that -- and I let the surveyor know that. I have found, in the past decade or so of living where I do, that crews don't give any damned notice and nor do they care how far out of one's way the detour may be while they block an intersection for a few hours of shooting. Sure, they can pay the City some cash... but that doesn't mean I get back the 25 minutes of extra travel as I and everyone else detour several blocks away due to the combo of film crews plus roadwork plus one-way streets (traffic crippling in Victoria is a pet rant between me and hubby -- and I'm not going to get into that right now).

Don't get me wrong. I like movies.... and I am very happy to see Canadian Content... I'm just a bit of a NIMBY about where they are filmed.

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Tim said...

Multiple colours really *do* make the room look bigger, huh?

It all looks pretty sharp, actually. Good work!