20 November 2005

Sick. Election. Road trip.

I'm sick of being sick! When I left work early on Tuesday, one of my coworkers said "welcome to the next 12 years," a reference I suppose to my kid bringing home every known germ in the city from the petri dish that is school.

Anway, I've been home since Tuesday afternoon and I am NOT recovering. This is bullshit, plain and simple. I feel like someone has taken a wire brush to my throat, plus I have really clogged sinuses (not so much sneezing and only some coughing) and of course very little energy. All right enough ranting about that.

Yesterday morning we voted. Turns out, most of my votes were a waste -- Victorians decided to return the status quo almost completely. Sure there were two vacancies (Rob Flemming, who is now an MLA and Denise Savoie who plans to run federally, I believe), but they were filled by a former councillor (Geoff Young) and a Green Party member (SonyaChandler). If there were two candidates who most closely resembled Flemming and Savoie they are Young and Chandler. Plus, Isitt got a LOT of votes so now he's gunned to run in 2008. I pray that the "left" finds a better candidate to support by then.

We also decided to go for a small roadtrip up to Nanaimo yesterday, just to escape the scenery of the same 4 walls we've been looking at. Hubby drove, I mostly stared out the window and took oodles of photos (114 by the time we returned home). It was a very foggy day... and none of the photos really do justice to the density of the fog in places:


We stopped in Whippletree Junction. A few weeks ago, a fire destroyed one of the buildings. None of the news footage we saw made it clear which building so we wanted to see for ourselves.Turns out it was one of the buildings at the back, adjacent to the public washrooms (now reduced to a cement pad with some plumbing connections). There was damage to two other buildings as well. Quite ugly, all of it, and sad.


I spent the balance of the evening trying to sort my mp3 files into some semblance of order, with little luck.

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