19 April 2005

Worn down but not out.

I am SOOOOO looking forward to my vacation. Next Monday I work my last 11 p.m. closing shift of the term and am then on vacation until the 9th of May, when I return for a slightly earlier shift (1-9). Unless I get another job in the meantime [grins]. Until then I shall be filing, purging, and shredding. Last night I filled a 28L recycle bin and half of another. I am purging as if I am not coming back; it feels really good.

On the home front, I am too frazzled to do much at all. Sure, this weekend I remembered to run the vaccuum around the place last week but only because I stood on a crusty piece of Kraft Dinner® -- eww. And I did clean the fish tank (three days behind schedule). But mostly I just get up, get fed, hang with the kid, and get out of there.

Today we had a nice change; I decided instead of the usual Tuesday rush-around to get the kid to playgroup that we would have some outside time. She wanted to go to the library so we did that then went to Willows Beach in Oak Bay which has a nice kids' playground plus a beautiful sandy seaside to walk along. We stayed there a little under an hour which gave her lots of time to run, climb and roll around. It's also a really beautiful spot to visit (great ocean/mountain views and relatively sheltered water) but I don't often go there because it is so popular! Today I did get some nice photos which I'll post later.

Mom's rented a U-Haul for Sunday so the next few days will be busy as hell helping her up to and at the garage sale on Saturday then heaving boxes and furniture around on Sunday (followed by almost a full shift at work).

Next week I'll probably end up helping her dig out from under everything as well as clean up her old place. I think I will be absorbing some of her plants (some miniature roses and native plants) for my deck; I haven't had the energy to plant my veggies yet and it's really late now... so I may have to do without this year unless I buy seedlings. Sigh.

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