09 April 2005

The week that was

Gosh. Where to start?

We abandoned the second hand store plan when it became clear we would need to bring in $2000 per month just to keep the doors open. Like everything else in this city, commercial rents are inflated to the point of absurdity.

My mother is moving from a 3 bedroom townhouse into a 1 bedroom apartment so we are purging like crazy and helping her pack and shuffle and downsize. This is not a fun task as the pack-rat gene runs deep in our family.

We got our tax refunds back but the inflated bank balance was short-lived as the money went toward a tune-up of the van and a repair of the turn-signal. At least now it is road-safe for the planned drive to Calgary at the end of the month and I don't have to stick my arm out the window to turn left.

The job I'd been waiting for has finally been posted though the description is much different than I was anticipating so I have no idea what the compettition will be like. I will put my name into the hat, but hubby's first week in his new position was mighty stressful, so I have to question whether a change in my work situation would be wise at this point.

The kid, as usual, is the bright point in my days. She's quite the artist (though some of her art is pretty dark*), she can write her name correctly most of the time, she is starting to ask how words are spelled and follow letters when looking at words. Today, she was riding a play motorbike in the park and when she saw me, she threw back her head and said "Rock and roll, baby!" The only thing that is driving me crazy is her tendency to burst into tears and have a hissy fit the very second she does not get what she wants.

*The other day I caught her drawing on her wooden truck again; she was drawing a "bone-a-saurus" which was her favourite thing "because it has bones and blood!" Maybe she'll be a doctor... or a forensic scientist... or a butcher. Who knows?

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