02 April 2005

Got me.

Usually, I am really good at picking out April Fools reports... I don't particularly enjoy practical jokes (I find them neither practical nor funny) so I usually lay low on April first. Today, however, Suzette actually got me. Even after I pointed out that her dates were still reflecting her Aussie clock on the other side of the dateline. I owe you one, Suzette and I should warn you I have a long memory for this sort of thing. :)


Zézette said...
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Zézette said...

Heh heh heh.

The joke was actually on me, times two.

1) I posted about a news story regarding the effect of dandruff in the atmosphere, so showed the world that I'm a moron and believed it.

2) After posting the complete lie that I was heading off for six months in Nunavut, friends in Australia began emailing me to gush about what an inspiration my courage is to them. Well no, actually; I'm a cowardly shit. And feeling bad for it. :( Happy damned April Fool's Day.

And I owe you one for the heads-up on the datestamp, by the way.

(This is a repeat, because your blog rejects my comments on a seemingly random basis.)

Zézette said...

Yeah, and then it decides to publish both at once, after the first one just sat there for a day or two. Thanks Blogger.)