11 April 2005

"Section 810" for Homolka?

OK, so the fact that Karla Homolka is most certainly one of the most dangerous people in Canada is not something I am going to dispute. I think there was a major misstep by the Crown when thye agreed to her plea and reduced sentence. And this summer, she is due to be released from jail.

But I have to ask whether it is right for the provinces to band together to get and support a "Section 810" recognizance order. [Read the details here: Ontario targets Homolka] I am pretty sure that she will instantly hire Doug Christie (or someone similar) to represent her in fighting what may well be a fair fight regarding her rights. The order they are trying to impose would mean severe restrictions to her movements -- including 24 hour surveillance -- and whether she's dangerous or not, technically, she's done her time.

That said, I am sure I would not want her moving into my neighbourhood but it is also pretty unlikely that she will go unnoticed anywhwere in Canada since she is one of the most recognizable women in the country.

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