17 April 2005

Driving, Moving, Working.

Friday night we drove a friend up to Qualicum Beach so he could help his parents move house. The drive up was rainy and miserable but not unmanageable. The drive back was more miserable and almost unmanageable by the time I took over for the Duncan-Victoria leg (over the Malahat). At some point I realized that I am way past due to get my eyes checked. On the sections of highway without streetlights I had a LOT of trouble just finding the lanes. The rain was heavy enough that the pavement was reflecting headlights and lane markers like a lake and then when we hit the higher elevations on the Malahat we started running into patches of fog. Of course hubby is telling me to pull over and he'll take over but if you've ever driven that route, you'll know that there are emergency shoulders but not much else. About this time, I also realized that the last time I had actively driven the Malahat (as opposed to being a passenger) was about 6 or 7 years ago, during daylight hours. So anyway, I was glad to get back into Victoria on familiar streets and we did get home safely. On Saturday night, the news reported there was a fatal accident on the Malahat a few hours after we drove through when a pedestrian was struck by an SUV, so I am feeling extra lucky that we arrived home safe.

My mom got posession of her condo on Friday afternoon and proceeded to re-measure and try to figure out exactly which pieces of furniture were to be moved and which were to be sold. She is still waffling on a lot of things and it's hard to know what I am supposed to do. I haven't absorbed much -- I've been pretty good at saying "Nope. Don't need that," but we haven't gone through the Garage Sale of Doom yet... We did move her books and some bookshelves over yesterday, plus a load of things for the storage locker (xmas decorations, etc.). In moving the bookshelves I managed to slice a finger (inside knuckle of my left hand) -- luckily it's one of those injuries that should heal fairly quickly (it wasn't deep). Slow moves are painful though and this one is going to be especially annoying because while hubby and I figure between us we have participated in about 60 or 70 moves, this is Mom's first in 18 years, so she hasn't thought through the logistics very clearly. I'm sure it will be fine, but the month end is going to be really stressful.

Came into work today and had a good chuckle at our spiffy new "privacy panels." For those of you who might not work in an office-setting, privacy panels are also called "cubicle walls" and various derivative terms. Anyway, our new ones are not only much shorter (about 8 or 10 inches shorter) but they also have a window portion, so now the supervisors have no privacy whatsoever. For a change though, I am not going to be the squeaky wheel on this one. Someone else can do the complaining. I'm working day shift today which is nice for a change, especially since I have to come in an hour early tomorrow for a meeting. And since I did apply for that other library job, maybe this will be one of my last weeks here. We'll see.


Z├ęzette said...

These google ads you have down the side are interesting. There's one there today that reads:
"rosemary pope
Meet Tens of Thousands of Sexy Catholic Singles for Love"

Ten of thousands? Wow, these Catholics are not only a good deal more open-minded than I'd imagined, but more energetic, too.

Cheryl said...

Yeah, sometimes the randomness is quite amusing. Alas I have no control over them as they are all "adword" (keyword) generated.