24 April 2005

Mom's Mostly Moved

So, I know you're all dying to find out how the move went. Generally, smoothly. About 85-90% of what needed to go to the new place fit in one load of the U-Haul. I stayed inside the new place, shuffling and directing while my brother, hubby, and four of their friends did the worst of the hefting, assembly-line style.

There's still plenty of tidying to do, and lots of junk leftover to deal with. Since the place is being reno'd we weren't expecting to have to clean, but now the landlady wants to do a walkthrough, WTF? I may suggest a quick sweep through, just as a CYA.

I'll be shuffling the last few remaining boxes tomorrow and helping where I can Tuesday, plus we are getting the spare bed that Mom just bought last year which means we have to find a new home for our far-too-firm double bed ASAP. Sigh. At least we can finally jettison the futon frame it's been resting on for the past 8 years.

Tuesday is Hubby's birthday (whee! party time!) and also, not coincidentally, the first day of my 13-day vacation.

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