12 April 2005

Cookie Monster curbs cookie habit

I actually heard about this nonsense on the "news" segment of SNL last Saturday. Here's the BBC's take: Cookie Monster curbs cookie habit.

You know, it pissed me off when they made Snuffleupagus visible to all the adults because they feared that kids would think adults wouln't take them seriously in cases of abuse or whatever. Then they dumbed down the whole show by segmenting it instead of having a story across the hour of the show that would be interrupted by other skits or whatever. Now Cookie Monster is no longer eating cookies? WTF, people! He's a cookie monster. He eats cookies. What's next? Oscar suddenly decides he should take a bath every episode because kids don't bathe? I can barely stomach the show these days but thankfully neither can my kid. She says "no, I want to watch Maggie!" (Maggie is the craft lady on Crazy Quilt.) Bah.

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