23 April 2005

Garage Sale of Doooooom

Last night, there was so much stuff piled in every corner of Mom's main floor that you couldn't move easily. Today, after 5 hours of letting strangers wander through and haggle over two dollar teapots, Mom has over $650 in cash and a lot less crap in the way. She even managed to sell about 120 of the 170 jigsaw puzzles and she got $5 for the giant, ancient deep freeze.

Oh, and my brother gets the Unethical Salesdude Award. Among the collectibles he cleared out of his cache was a box full of "food" -- gummies, hard candies and fruit-roll-ups with Spiderman licensing. Now, bearing in mind that the stuff is about 10 to 15 years old -- this is not from the recent Spiderman movies -- someone asked him, "Is this from last Halloween?" and his answer was "You know, I honestly couldn't tell you." The person bought the stuff. I really hope their kids don't try to eat it. =shudder=

There's still a lot of crap to clear out, and I felt like complete trailer trash* when looking at the "free" pile out front -- wow, what a load of garbage. Still, people looooove getting stuff for free, and we need it gone.

[*Actually, I felt like complete trailer trash when we kicked out a section of the fencing so we could move furniture in a direct line from house to vehicles.]

Tomorrow, we get the U-Haul and try to move stuff around the crap that remains (anyone need a harvest gold sofa bed??). Should be a real treat considering I also have to work until 11 pm. Ugh! Oh well, only two more 11 p.m. closes then I'm on vacation! Whee!


Jonathan said...

Hi Cheryl - Hooray for a successful garage sale!

I found your post through a webpage that combines the blog posts of 109 Victoria bloggers. It's neat to see what people in Victoria are blogging about at any given hour! Check it out - http://jonaquino.blogspot.com/2005/04/assembling-list-of-local-bloggers.html

Jonathan said...

Cheryl - The "Victoria Bloggers" page has moved. My apologies - http://www.superblog.org/planet/VictoriaBCBloggers/

Jonathan said...

Cheryl - I stumbled upon your saying somewhere that you used to be a "BBS geek" in another life. Thought you might be interested in this BBS documentary that is making the rounds of the net. Hilarious stuff.