01 April 2005

Reducing Net Volume

Well... life around here has been interesting. My mother got a "notice to vacate" because the owners of her townhouse complex are renovating in order to sell the place as strata units. While this was a huge shock, it may turn out to be a small blessing in that she may actually move into the housing market and out of the rental market. Unfortunately the median house price in our city is around $400K. On the other hand, the rental price of a 2 or 3 br. apt or townhouse is up to about $1400/mo. (Need I say that the cost of housing in Victoria is freaking ridiculous?).

Anyway, there are a few things falling out from all this. The first is the realization that my mother, after having lived for 18 years in a 3 br townhouse has a LOT of stuff. The second is the realization that we also have too much stuff. So do my father and my mother in law. In fact, I joked that we had so much extraneous stuff between the four households we could probably stock a second-hand store quite comfortably.

Then we started actually considering opening a second hand store. We have the stuff. hubby can whip together a stock tracking system in his sleep -- and we have spare computers and even barcode scanners to help with that -- and we wouldn't have to be on title for the place... and we know someone who could... and we know others who could work there... and there are loads of storefronts for lease... and the list goes on. So we are at the number-crunching stage, but who knows? Maybe within the next month you will see a new second-hand store in town.


Z├ęzette said...

Maybe you could start to raise the spondouli via this market stall you've been thinking about?

Cheryl said...

It may be an "either/or" situation as we would be the "silent partners" in the store. But I am loading Business Plan software as I type...