11 June 2005

Not Wikipedia, *Welshpedia*

Tee hee. I was looking for info about Tom Jones (who I am not going to get to see next Thursday when he will be performing locally -- GrRRRRRrrrrr!) and I stumbled across the Welshpedia! Wiki is everywhere. ;)

The reason I was looking for info, btw, is because the kid was watching Duck Dodgers this morning on Teletoon, and I was thinking, "Wow, that theme sounds just like Tom Jones." Turns out it is Tom Jones on vocals with the Flaming Lips on backup! How cool is that?!

Tom Jones is totally "the Man." Oh, and Memo to Hollywood: Tom Jones wants to play a villain in a big movie. He's hoping to play the baddie in Die Hard 4.0 -- I'll lay it on the line right now: if he gets that role, I am in the theatre opeining night! OK??


Zézette said...

Tom Jones is playing in Victoria?!?! How the hell did you miss out on that, Pussycat?

Cheryl said...

I knew he was going to be playing the arena before construction was completed. Problem was, we waffled about the ticket price... there are stil tix available though, but it would cost us about $150 to go, and I dunno how much extra for bail and/or fines after hubby throws panties at the man. ;)

Zézette said...

Did you know that they issue knickers at the door to throw? So no problems there. The ticket price is a bit steep, though. That's the kind of price we pay here for a big-name international act, but I'd assumed that that was due to the huuuuuuge distance folks have to traverse to grace us.

Speaking of Tom Jones and underwear (and who doesn't?) I saw a fantastic photo of him once: he was standing by a pool in an outrageous pair of silver shades, a huge cigar in his face and wearing naught but a pair of green sequinned Speedos and a wicked grin. Superb!