21 June 2005

Let's start over, shall we?

There has been a spate of STUPID vehicle-related deaths lately in our city and it's time they stopped.

I propose that every Victoria resident with a valid license turn them over to authorites and be re-tested.
I will happily include myself in that group, I'm not even sure I'd pass -- I know I have picked up bad habits in the past 20 years -- but it would be worth it to get some of these IDIOTS off the road.

Why am I ranting about this today? Shortly after the fatality at the bus stop today, which meant traffic was diverted for about a 4-block radius, another idiot managed to flip their car off an overpass closing the Johnson Street Bridge (no fatalities as I understand)... so all the traffic into VicWest and Esquimalt was diverted to the Point Ellice (a.k.a. Bay Street) Bridge. We were caught in the midst of all the traffic, so the 25 minute trip home from Oak Bay ended up taking us over an hour as we got stuck in both diversions. Grrrr.

EDIT: The second car did not flip off an overpass but rather crashed under the overpass. Makes more sense, but my bet is that they were (a) not driving the posted 30 km/h speed and (b) not adjusting for the rain which had started about 30 minutes prior to the accident. Thankfully the child in the back was in a properly installed car seat.


Z├ęzette said...

Apparently, at the bus stop "the car hit a telephone poll". I thought those surveys were just annoying... turns out they're dangerous!!

Tim said...

Re-testing will only prevent those who are so absolutely incapable of driving that they can't even put in one good effort. These recent incidents would very likely still occur. The fact is that it's simply too easy to *have* a driver's licence. And of course, it has to be that easy, because otherwise many would be inconvenienced, and a lot less money would be made. So, we just have to accept the risk.