25 June 2005

movie binge

We've been on a bit of a bender film-wise in the past week. Here's the quick run-down of what we've seen since Tuesday: (max rating 5)

Ella Enchanted -- nice twist on an old tale. good solid family-friendly fare. I'd buy it if I found it at a good price. Rating: 4
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events -- great sets. great concept. annoying adult cast (youth actors were great!). acceptable entertainment, but wouldn't rush to see it again. Rating: 2.5
In Good Company -- nice. amusing. unoffensive. took the road less travelled and surprised me. I'd watch it again. Rating: 3
Shaolin Soccer -- amazing cgi/effects. funny and silly. definitely original. I'd buy it if I found it at a good price. Rating:4
Shaun of the Dead -- funny! not as gruesome as I'd expected. Definitely, I'd watch it again. Rating 3.5

We still have Jersey Girl cued up to watch.... we'll see whether that comes to pass or not.


Rae said...

We had borrowed Ella Enchanted from a friend's DVD collection and watched it one arvo. Such a fun film! I'm looking for a cheap copy to have too. My (then) 8 year old adored it! Not much to add that I did too :)

Chloe said...

Jersey Girl is really cute. One of the better films where I can tolerate Ben Affleck.

Z├ęzette said...

I was keen to see Shaun of the Dead on the big screen, but I think it played for about 3 days in one cinema at 2am (or something). Whatever the circumstances, I managed to miss it.

I saw Unfortunate Events on one of the long flights I took recently, and rather enjoyed it. The visuals were really quite charming, and it drew on one of my favorite genres: dark kiddies' stories. Roald Dahl, Spike Milligan, et al had a huge impact on my creative life and still do, so I was very pleased to see evidence that the entire world isn't going down the cutesy and NICE path exclusively. Where the hell would we be if kids read/watched nothing but The Fimbles or their ilk?

Cheryl said...

Rae: I was so pleased to find that Ella was as good as the ads and critics promised.

Chloe: we did watch Jersey Girl, and it is good solid Kevin Smith writing that saves it from being a Ben Affleck crapfest. Good, but not fantastic.

Suzette: the kid loved Lemony Snicket. Tee Hee.