01 June 2005

First Day in the New Digs.

Ahhh. It's 9:30 at night and I finished work for the day five hours ago.

What a change!

Today was introductions and some rapid training, followed by some filing and other basic tasks because my desk this morning was lacking both a chair and a computer. We tracked down a chair but the computer is triaged on the IT to-do list, and apparently I am not bleeding data. =shrug=

The biggest adjustment (aside from the time of day I'll be working) is changing from an environment where I was constantly interrupted (or required to change task in an instant) to one where if I want to devote one whole day to a single task, I pretty much can. I also get to plug in to my MP3 player while I work. Yay!

Bonus this week; I get a 3 day weekend, because I was working on Sunday at the front desk. I am a very happy camper. :)


Z├ęzette said...

Cooooooooool! All good news.

So, what's the atmosphere like? Does it seem like a happy workplace? Do you already know the people there, or are there new and uncharted personalities to negotiate?

Cheryl said...

Well, since I have interacted with everyone there for the past 5 years in my other job; plus I worked with many of them for a year in 97/98 (on a temporary posting), the introductions were merely a bureaucratic formality.

As to personalities to negotiate, the toughest will be my own mother who works in the cubby next to me. :)

Well, actually the only tough thing about negotiating my Mom is getting used to her contstant mumbling as she is having a discussion with her computer monitor and or the task she is performing. Hahah!