14 June 2005

Early Morning Activism.

This morning, there are two things on my "geez, that really sticks in my craw and I should do something" radar:

1. Same-Sex Marriage Bill C-38.

The National e-Referendum on same sex marriage seems to be losing at the moment, so I have added my name to the "yes" list.

"I have voted in the national e-referendum on whether Parliament should pass bill C-38 which would legalize same sex marriage in Canada. This referendum is located at http://www.referendumcanada.ca and I hope you will take the time to visit this site and also cast your vote."

2. BC Ferries Proposed Fuel Surcharge.

The proposed fuel surcharge is 70 cents for passengers and $2.50 for under-height vehicles on major routes connecting Vancouver Island to the mainland, and a surcharge ranging from 25 cents to 70 cents each way for passengers and from 60 cents to $2.50 for under-height vehicles each way on smaller inter-island routes. Higher surcharges would apply to northern routes that have significantly longer travel distances.

We do not have a permanent link to the mainland. If we want to travel anywhere else in North America we must either fly or take BC Ferries. The Ferries are currently a legislated essential service but they still have us over the proverbial barrel in their ability to set the rate of the toll. I highly recommend that all British Columbians take a few minutes to contact BC Ferries or email info@bcferrycommission.com to voice your opinion on the matter. Hubby and I already have.

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Cheryl said...

Update: since it was shown that the e-Referendum was being run by a right-wing individual, lefties have been pounding on the site. On Tuesday, the "yes" vote had a sad tally of just over 7,000 votes; it is now over 25,000.