19 June 2005

I think I'll make it an early night.

Saturday, since hubby was off pelting people with paintball pellets, Mom and I hit the thrift store circuit with the kiddo. She didn't find the bookshelf she was searching for but we found lots of clothes for kiddo (suddenly she's sprouted an inch or two and none of her pants fit); I found a pair of shoes (Aldo, $6.99), a pair of sandals (Speedo -- pretty much new -- $12.99) and an American Sign Language dictionary (1994 ed. $3.99). At another stop I found a dress for the kiddo and a sweater for hubby both on the 99 cent door-crasher rack. Niiiice.

Saturday afternoon was spent lazily watching movies and cramming more music on my Psyc. Now that I have figured out how to use the proprietary compression settings I can fit over twice as many tracks on there. I chose a slightly lighter mix (Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Barenaked Ladies, some world music, some classical, and a lot of soundtrack tracks) in the hope that it won't annoy me if I listen to the same songs all week.

Saturday night, I went a little nuts cleaning: I gathered all the garbage from the "little bins" around the house, hosed out the kitchen garbage can, washed the kitchen sink and scrubbed the kitchen floor. Then I tidied off the dining room table and de-cluttered the living room a bit.

This morning, I was on brunch duty for Father's Day. Brunch for six was: pancakes (from scratch), corned-beef hash, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, eggs and breakfast veggies (fried mushrooms, peppers and onions) with juice and coffee to wash it all down. Yummy.

This afternoon, we did the split movie thing again. This time, I chose to go to Howl's Moving Castle with my MIL and the kiddo while hubby took his neice and nephew to see Batman Begins. I should have gone with them. Howl's Moving Castle was VERY disappointing. Miyazaki's adaptation of the novel is awful. Major storylines are edited out completely and some radical changes are made to the plot that result in the third act being scattered and unmoving. I was annoyed, too, by the casting of Billy Crystal as the voice of Calcifer (the fire demon) and Miyazaki's choice in the way Sophie's curse is visualized. If you are curious about the film, skip it and find Diana Wynne Jones' novel; it's far superior.

Kiddo was so exhausted that she fell asleep at 7:30. I will certainly be asleep before 11 tonight.

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