23 June 2005

Changing the Profile

The Star Trek connection [Macleans.ca] is just one of the common threads among the more recently accused/convicted pedophiles.

According to current studies, pedophiles are more likely to be left handed, and have a slightly lower IQ, though the author admits, "Differences in intelligence could be explained by the simple notion that the smarter pedophiles are less likely to be caught."

The creepiest part of the article is the allegation that pedophiles may be born, not raised. In today's climate of prenatal screening, the argument that a trait may be detectable before birth opens a very large can of worms.

Of course, profiling is not always the best way to catch any criminal -- including pedophiles. The article alludes to the fact that in today's global internet-infused world, the profile of a middle-aged white loner male pedophile no longer fits. Rather than abandon the concept of profiling, however, authorities are simply looking for a new definition.

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