01 December 2008

A couple of causes.

I don't often use this blog as a soapbox -- especially for more global causes -- partly because I generally don't like preaching but also because, let's face it, I don't have a high enough readership. However, I am sharing these two videos with you because they are well made videos, in addition to being public service announcements, basically.

First up is a video from EUtube (clever) called "AIDS: remember me?" I think it is especially appropriate for World AIDS Day in that it emphasizes the lack of education about AIDS in the Western world rather than in Africa which is what gets most of the press these days. [Warning: includes sexually suggestive scenes. Parental Guidance is advised.]

Next, on this first day of December, is a message from The Advent Conspiracy. The concept is simple: spend less on crap, give more to others. It comes from a Christian group (five pastors got together in 2006 to pool money to provide fresh water to a town in a developing country) and the message, while it includes worship, is more anti-consumerism than pro-church.

I really wanted this Christmas to be more about handmade gifts than plastic and wires but life has been busy. However, as I hung Kiddo's advent pocket quilt last night, I was wondering how I could better fill it with stuff she would like that won't end up broken in the bottom of a drawer. I am still thinking; I'll let you know how that goes.

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pastilla said...

Important videos, worth sharing with any size readership!

Sorry I haven't been visiting and commenting as much as usual. I lost Sage when I switched to Google Chrome and don't have a good RSS/daily surfing schedule.