07 December 2008

Big City Getaway

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Thursday night we hopped on a ferry to Vancouver (well, actually Richmond). We checked into the Holiday Inn and relaxed before a full day of shopping.

Friday morning we hit Lansdowne Centre in Richmond (almost one-stop for house and home with Best Buy, Winners, Home Sense, Jysk, Ming Wo, Home Hardware, Future Shop and Zellers, among others) and filled one corner of the van. Next was IKEA .... three hours later (yes! three freaking hours!) we emerged with some Christmas gifts and several shelving and sorting solutions plus a few things we probably didn't need but wanted anyway. The receipt was over 2 feet long and when we were done, the back of the van was quite full.

After that drunken spree, we hit Free Geek for an LCD monitor then it was off to Granville Island for some shopping and playtime for Kiddo before dinner with a friend.

After dinner, one quick pitstop and it was back to the hotel for the night. Saturday morning we got up, hit Yaohan (for green tea!!) and Aberdeen (Daiso!!) then made our way to Port Coquitlam to see my brother.

Finally we were a ferry-ride from home but decided to do so via Nanaimo so that we could see the lights in Ladysmith. They were pretty and we were tired so with a detour for groceries we headed home.

Today we installed many of the shelves and then promptly filled them. Sigh.

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Star said...

I think it is impossble to spend less than 3 hours in an IKEA. Even if you only go in for one thing.