23 December 2008

Happy Christmas, dear readers.

(or Happy holiday of your choice, but this post is rather Christmas-y)

Our Night Before Christmas

On the night before Christmas, we're all settled down
as more snowfall warnings are threat'ning our town
Our pantry is stocked and our shovel is near
we're ready for family traveling here.

We've checked in with Norad and Santa's en route
(and while the site's cheesy we still think it's cute)
As Kiddo gets bathed and gets ready for bed
we're doing some challenging math in our heads

We have to seat ten for our family dinner
(is it wrong to wish we were collectively thinner?)
The table will have to be moved with some care
thank goodness that Hubby picked up extra chairs!

The ham is defrosting, the turkey is too,
and Hubby baked cheesecakes for everyone, WOO!
The rest of the spread will be easy to prep
(some peeling, some mashing, a few other steps).

The hand-crafted gifts I've been making are done
and I hope that the new owners think they are fun.
The rest of the presents are wrapped 'neath the tree
and stockings are hung in a row -- one, two, three.

"We're finished! We're ready, now what do we do?"
We'll curl up and watch an old movie or two.
We've downloaded Lemmings to kill the last hours
before we awake to the snow or rain showers.

But whatever happens, whatever the weather
we'll celebrate Christmas, at our home, together.
My last wish this season is for each of you
Merry Christmas to all and a fine New Year too!


(with apologies to Clement C. Moore)


Star said...

Merry Christmas Cheryl

Z├ęzette said...

I've always wondered how you have time to do everything that you do; this poem is a good example. You're a wonder woman.

Have a great Christmas, you lot, and all the best for 2009.

Cheryl said...

Many thanks, and back at you both!