30 November 2008

Social Sunday

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As much as yesterday was about smiling at strangers, today was relaxing with friends old and new.

Late last night we got a last minute invite to brunch which turned out to be wonderfully refreshing and just what I needed.

After brunch, Hubby dropped me off and I unpacked and shuffled, boxes then tidied and cleaned the house (with the help of Robbie the Roomba and our faithful dishwasher, too).

Hubby returned and cooked up a nice pot of chicken-corn chowder then at 7:00 a few "gridders" showed up for the monthly meet. We chose both December's and January's grids. Owing to it being a school night, the meeting was brief so that the kids could get a close-to-regular night of sleep. (And, thanks to Kiddo getting lots of playtime today, she was asleep within moments of hitting the pillow.)

Back to work tomorrow but just a four day week. Thursday night we'll be heading to Vancouver, staying until Saturday. My homework between then and now will include studying the IKEA catalog.


Zézette said...

Just in case you're not aware of it, I give you Ikea Hacker for a bit of pre-departure inspiration. Have a great trip.

Zézette said...

Oh, and this is for after you get back home again. A slap for every one you get right. ;)

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Zezette. I had seen IKEA Hacker before and also the quiz. I don't think I'll collect on those slaps though. :)