09 December 2008

I am a moron.

Update to my earlier post. I negotiated rush-hour traffic through the heart of the Colwood crawl, hauled my Soviet-weight machine into Sawyer's and plunked it on the counter. The repair guy came out, opened the cover, shuffled something aside and voilà. He deserves a round of applause for not laughing at me -- or at least waiting until I had left the store. I feel like a complete idiot/moron but at least my sewing machine is working and I can craft it up, woo-hoo!


Zézette said...

Ha ha ha! I love it! Not that you specifically did it, just that someone -- anyone! -- else does that stuff. And as you say, the end result is working machine, so what the hey. Cheap repair, too, no doubt.

Star said...

At least it wasn't not plugged in. And it works now .

Amy said...

hahahaha... I've had one of those days before! yay, it works.