16 December 2008

I am ignoring the snow

It's bitter cold here -- Victorians are actually having to use the words "wind chill factor" in describing the world outdoors and that's exactly why I don't live in the Prairies! So, instead, here are some festive links to warm your mouse-clicking fingers:

Despite his awesome PR, lots of kids are scared of Santa. Here's proof.

Crafting with kids indoors during the winter weather? Here's some ridiculously simple paper ornaments that can be made from anything from fancy scrapbooking paper to recycled flyers. Or how about a kid-version of these beaded napkin rings? Easily done with chenille stems and plastic beads.

On next year's Christmas crafting list (because I am out of time this year, damnit!) this cute little embroidered weiner-dog reindeer and these simple but so effective scrapcraft bird ornaments.

Is it festive downloads you seek? How about a stop-motion-animation Yule Log Screensaver by PES or a free mp3 m4a by the Barenaked Ladies? Or you can decorate your own Gingerbread (wo)man online care of Safeway.

And for my fellow trivia-lovers: 12 Things You Might Not Know about A Christmas Story. [Psst! If you don't own this most awesome movie, go buy a copy on Amazon! It is sooo much better without ad interruptions and network editing: A Christmas Story (Two-Disc Special Edition)!]


Star said...

The Christmas Story is a tradition in this house. I think there is a channel that shows it non stop on Christmas Day. Did you know the house is now a museum . A family bid on Ebay to spen Christmas there this year.

Amy said...

LOL! Scared of Santa photos are SO FUNNY! omg. I was crying. nice one.

Suzanne said...

I don't know why those Santa photos are so funny, but we sat here fairly wetting ourselves over them. We've been under a bit of pressure from Grandma this year to have a Santa photo taken with our kids, but have resisted; having seen those, perhaps we'll reconsider! ;) I posted a pic of my niece meeting Santa a few years ago. She's not howling, but she's not exactly in raptures, either. I always hated doing this stuff when I was a kid, too. Having to kiss the pervy old guy before he'd hand over the goodies: ICK!

To supplement the air con I'm reading your posts about the snow over and over. It's supposed to hit 37°C today. It's only 9.15am and it's already 29°. :(

Suzanne said...

Ack! My new gmail account has been kicking in automatically when I sign in! My cover is blown!