09 November 2008

Our Little Chef

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Kiddo was chipper this morning -- much more so than Hubby or I -- and we joked that she should cook us breakfast. Long story short, she decided she was ready to learn but was still wary of the stove so we agreed on cooking pancakes using the electric frying pan.

After a slight disaster with the batter (she mixed up the salt and sugar first time around) she did perfectly well... until the very last pancake when she burned herself. Surprisingly, she didn't panic or cry, but also didn't hold her hand under the cold water long enough so it got a bit nasty.

Now, despite her finger being a bit "sensitive," she is OK (and now knows what a burn feels like and what to do if it happens again) and is looking forward to expanding her cooking from the microwave to the frying pan! I am ridiculously proud of her.

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Roshan said...

She's a brave & bright little woman!!