09 November 2008

Sunday night grumbles...

Grumble #1. There's an ad running in high rotation right now about climate change, paid for by LiveSmart BC. In the ad the woman states that,
"We just don't have the minus thirty, minus forty winters like we used to and that's what we need to get rid of the pine beetles. Everybody needs to do their part."
And I want to know what, exactly, I can do to make sure that Prince George gets a minus forty winter. (Oh, I know, there's a long domino effect implied but I really, really resent the oversimplification.)

Grumble #2. Yesterday I went downtown to try and pick up a gift card for our niece from Lululemon. I circled the area twice looking for parking -- there was none available on the street and the parkade on lower Yates was full with a 6 car lineup. The new furniture store across from the parkade was lined up out the door; they were actually letting just one or two people in at a time. I finally found somewhere to park on Fisgard, two and a half blocks away from our destination. Every store we passed was crowded and we had to wait in line to purchase the gift card. There is no way you can convince me that our economy is in the sh*tter.

Now, you kids, get off my lawwwwn!


pastilla said...

You gots all them rich people in Victoria . . . their econummy is diffrent.

Signed, Canary in the Mine (in rural California, where the economy is in the sh*tter and you can see it)

Mike DeWolfe said...

I've done my part and now the Mountain Pine beetle is being eradicated. It feels good-- real good. My plan to celebrate: buy an SUV and keep it's engine in good running order, by letting it perpetually idle. Now that I am flush with the success out eradicating the beetle infestion, I can single-handedly warm the planet and prevent next year's snow fall here.