12 November 2008

Changes in my reading habits.

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Well, there's been one major change in the last couple of years but it isn't the type of book I read, it's where. Somehow my brain rewired itself and now I find I can read on the bus. Not any bus but my regular transit routes. I suspect it's just a matter of my body anticipating bumps, turns and regular stopping and starting patterns but I'll take what I can get.

It started because some morning buses offer free copies of the newspaper and I would glance at headlines. Then I found myself reading a paragraph or two, then whole articles.

Now, after years of staring out the window, watching other commuters, listening to mindless pop or even knitting (which I can't do when the bus is crowded anyway), I can even read books.

It is a small victory, but a victory none-the-less, and one which I will happily claim.


Z├ęzette said...

Ooh, I'd be so grumpy if I couldn't read during my daily commute. I used to knit too, but had to give it up when I moved to a more crowded bus route. That put the kybosh on the writing I used to do, too. So reading it is. I don't get a lot of time to read these days, so I consider the commute quality time with moi. So happy for you that you've been able to claim a bit more reading time for yourself.

What's The Curious Incident.. like, by the way? You know, I'm considering starting an online book group for a few online friends whose reading opinions I'd trust, so that I can get a few recommendations. Would you be interested?

Cheryl said...

I am very prone to motion sickness so for most of my life, reading while moving was not an option. Like I say, it is a small victory!

The Curious Incident was... well... curious. It was funny in a "small British picture" kind of way; it's a little challenging but ultimately sweet. That said, it's not a book everyone would enjoy. One of my friends, seeing I was reading it, said, "I didn't get that book," -- just like many of those character driven small films that I love and some people just "don't get."