25 November 2008

The week of insanity continues....

Hubby has been busy tackling some of the little details around the house (staining the railing and handrail, installing trim, planning how to put in a new floor in the attic) while I've been getting ready for the Cloverdale Traditional School Craft Fair on Saturday.

Tomorrow after work I will head to my Mom's to finish stitching up the finger puppets I've made since my sewing machine is still not fit for use. That'll be the last of the stock for this show.

The UPack pod will be delivered late this week, to be unpacked Friday (hooray! The rest of our furniture! And STUFF! Christmas stuff even! And DVDs! And .... STUFFF!!!!). Should be a fun test to see how much more we can cram into this place....

Meanwhile at work, we've (finally) started the next digitization project -- a collection of personal documents (diaries, artwork, official documents, artifacts and photos) including details of an internment camp, local history, and Georgian royalty. I'll share more details when we're ready to launch.

Oh, and Kiddo brings home her first report card from the new school this Friday! Here's hoping we won't need a *long* talk with the teacher next week.

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