16 November 2008

Full Saturday

After having a nice breakfast out (at Floyd's Diner 2 -- yummm!) we voted. On our way home, we ran into our neighbour and met his daughter who is a little younger than Kiddo. They decided to have an impromptu playdate which made everyone pretty happy for the next hour or so as Hubby and I got to work on projects around the house.

Since the sun was out, I decided it was time to put together the wheelbarrow and the lawnmower and put them to use. Then I realized I needed an extension cord for the lawnmower. So I went out to Canadian Tire to grab one, came home and realized it was not quite long enough to get to the very back of the back yard and just barely long enough to do the front corner. Ah well. The lawn is (mostly) mowed now and my feet only got a little muddy in the process.


After that I pitched in with the mudding and taping of the drywall that Hubby has been painstakingly putting up all week. Worked on that for about two hours, broke for dinner (Crown Palace, mmmm) and right back to it until 8:00.


Then we spent about an hour trying to find election results anywhere -- our local media really let us down. Luckily, people on Vibrant Victoria were on the ball, posting numbers they saw on commercial breaks, heard on the radio, or found on Twitter (can you believe the Times Colonist has a Twitter feed??). Finally, at 10:00 A-News kicked in with an "election special" but by 10:30 I was restless and went back to mudding the walls for another hour after which I settled in to watch SNL.

So... busy day, but productive. I'm good with that.

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