24 September 2007

We have a winner!

Well, after looking through oodles of websites, ruling out some due to inaccessible suites (stairs!), some due to skeevy locations (luxury is fine, but not if I have to wade through used needles), and crappy registration systems (I'm sorry, if your room booking system won't work on Firefox, then you need to hire a better web designer), we arrived at what looks like the right match for us.

The Oswego Victoria bills itself as a boutique hotel; it's in the midst of touristy James Bay, but it is an all-suite hotel with full gourmet kitchens, satelite HD tvs, and the usual "luxury" amenities that you'd expect for the price.

The plan is for Hubby to prepare some high-end gourmet meals while we soak up the surroundings... and I won't have to navigate too far on the crutches. :) I'll let you know if it all lives up to expectations.


Oh, and for the Blue Man Group, I will be calling them (the Arena where they are performing, not the group) tomorrow to check on their offer of exchanging our tickets since our seats are up "10 to 12 steps." So, either we will suck up any price difference if the seats are a comparable or better view (they're floor, but I won't be able to stand...) or I will suck up the accessibility issue and hobble up and down the stairs.


Ted Godwin said...

So, how was it? We have been watching them build the thing for two years (and feeling the ground shake from the blasting) and wonder what its like inside...

Cheryl said...

I don't know yet... we haven't been to the future ;)

We go this coming Thursday.