06 September 2007

Off to School boogie

Off to School boogie
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Kiddo is back at school this week and in her element. Her grade one class has 19 students, many of them new (another school in the area closed at the end of last term, so there are a lot of new faces) but some of her good friends from kindergarten are in her class, so it's all good.

The routine this year is that Hubby drops her off at school and starts his workday later; after school, her Nana picks her up and brings her home around 5:00.

Kiddo has been picking out her own outfits this year (I'm glad we got into the habit of laying out her clothes the night before; she is not a morning person) though happily she is still allowing us a veto.

She has been a great help to us while I've been down, both by getting stuff for me and also by helping herself (she can now pour her own drinks, for example). It's been a real pleasure watching her take on more responsibilty the past few weeks and I couldn't be much more proud.

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