02 September 2007

Broken Ankle: Day 7.

Well, it's been a week since I fell down the stairs. I'm slowly adjusting to life in bed which is neither as comfortable nor as awful as it could be. Max, our cat, has been by my side almost constantly. I have all manner of media close at hand -- internet, cable television, and a shelf full of books -- and everyone has been a great help at bringing me food and drink as needed. Friends even dropped off some ratatouille meals yesterday. MMMMm!

I've even ventured downstairs a few times (down is easier than up, though, and the only bathroom is upstairs, so I am limited by my bladder for the length of time I spend downstairs).

The hardest part is relying on other people. There are lots of things I can do by myself, but just getting up and moving around is exhausting. I tend to do several things while I am up but inevitably I will forget some little thing, so I have to ask.

My moods have been all over the map, but now that I am back to drinking coffee (and not suffering withdrawals!!) I think I am in a better headspace. Tuesday I go back to the hospital to see the surgeon, after we drop kiddo off for her first (half) day of school.

I've been watching lots of television (HGTV, CSI, and crappy reality shows... I even sunk as low as watching an hour of Montel Williams) and movies (some on TV) ... napping ... playing Chuzzle... in other words, not much of substance so far. Of course, I have also been reading lots about broken ankles, their treatment, and rehabilitation exercises online, and bookmarking anything useful or interesting on my del.icio.us page.

However, as I get better, I am starting to cross the odd thing off my to do list (articles I've half-finished, work on various websites, and so on). Hopefully I can use some of this time productively while I am healing -- but I'm no fool, and plan to spend most of the time resting and letting my body do the work it needs to do.

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Christy-Lee said...

Hi there! Wandered on in, I hope that's okay. I know just how you feel. I broke my fibula, tibia, and talus bone on August 6th, by falling down the stairs. Damn those stairs. ;) At any rate, good luck with your healing!