13 September 2007

A little history for you all....

OK... so I was feeling blue because I haven't been taking four or five hundred photos a week... (yes, I really do take that many)... so I thought it might be a good time to dig through my archived photos and upload some from pre-2005 (when I first signed up with Flickr).

I found some fun stuff...

fatherdaughter_aug02 momandalice_sept01 reading_june04


In my digital excavation, I also came across a set of scans I did of some historical maps of Victoria, including an 1890 guide to land plots in the city and a streetcar guide, ca.1912.



However, when I scanned them, I didn't write down enough information about who made them or what year they were... so I tried to dig out the info on the web.... which led me to the fantastic map gallery at viHistory (a UVic site which I don't think I knew about). For the bonus feature, most of the maps are available for download in full.

After posting the streetcar map, I had a lot of questions about the Exhibition grounds and "driving track" in Oak Bay... which led me to this lovely, rambling History of Oak Bay paper (pdf) by G. Murdoch, which is chock full of useful and interesting information. Since this month's Grid is in Oak Bay, it should prove helpful! (Incidentally, the Exhibition grounds were created in 1887.)


Finally, I also found some of my Procrastoman cartoons (which I mentioned a couple of days ago):


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pastilla said...

Marvelous. I passed on the links to friends who will enjoy them ;)

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