17 September 2007

My semi-mobile life.

Yesterday, I again ventured out of the house. Kiddo was going to spend some time with my Mom, and Hubby offered to drive through the Grid area so I could get some more photos before stopping at the mall to grab a few things.

Once I am in the van, I do OK, and getting into the mall is easier with the parking pass, too. In fact, Hillside Mall also has complementary wheelchair use for patrons, so that was fine. What's difficult is getting to and from the van at home.

Our parking area is down a flight of stairs from the townhouse. It is possible to go around the front of the property and follow the slope of the land all the way around to the parking area -- we did this when using the wheelchair to get to and from the van -- but using the crutches this is a long way for me. Yesterday, we tried having me crutch around to the side of the building where Hubby can pull the van into the neighbouring apartment's parking lot. I got about 2/3 of the way before the pain set in.

I am having trouble right now because I still can't put any weight on the right foot, but my left hip can't take the constant jarring (I've had trouble with my left hip for years). The result is shooting pain after just a few metres of crutching. I had planned on practicing outside this week, but I can't because the roofers are now working overhead.

Sigh. At least I am much more mobile inside the house.

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